It’s finally HERE–All-Access BOD

The Beachbody on Demand ALL-ACCESS Pass is now available!! What is it? It’s Beachbody on Demand ON FIYA!!! ALL the programs are unlocked… including PiYo, Core De Force, Country Heat. PLUS – You will get all the new 2017 when they come out too. Here’s what you need to know (actually, MORE than you need to know… but it will help me field the questions I’ve been getting)
1. The Challenge Pack links for the All Access BOD with Shakeology should be available on 12/27. The cost for the Challenge Pack is $199 USD for customers and new coach enrollees. The challenge pack includes the full year of BOD, Shakeology, Portion Fix containers and book. When you purchase, you will get access to the All Access BOD within 24-48 hours.
2. Any customers (or new coaches) who purchased a challenge pack earlier in December 2016 can UPGRADE to the All Access BOD for $69 starting on 12/27.
3. ALREADY HAVE BOD? For coaches and customers who already have BOD and want to upgrade, you can UPGRADE starting on 12/27 Your all access membership will be available within 5 business days of upgrading.
4. HAVE A QUARTERLY BOD MEMBERSHIP? If you were on the quarterly BOD plan, you will be charged $61.08 USD and your annual pass will be backdated to your last quarterly renewal. So, if you renewed your quarterly BOD membership on Nov 1, you will be charged $61.08 for your annual access but it will be back-dated to start on Nov 1, 2016. So, on Nov 1, 2017, your annual pass will renew. Basically, they are pro-rating the amount since you already paid $39.95. You can UPGRADE starting on 12/27
5. HAVE A SEMI-ANNUAL OR ANNUAL BOD MEMBERSHIP?. If you had the Annual or Semi-Annual BOD membership without all access, you can upgrade to the All Access BOD for $99.95 USD. You will be REFUNDED the pro-rated unused portion of your current subscription. You can UPGRADE starting on 12/27 at

Comment below or message me if you have any questions or are ready to get the ALL-ACCESS Pass!!

ALL-ACCESS Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack is coming SOON!!

Think of Beachbody on Demand as the Netflix of fitness. Now, think of gaining access to ALL of the programs Beachbody offers – past, present AND FUTURE – for an ENTIRE YEAR. That’s the concept behind the All-ACCESS Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack. It will be launching just in time for the January Health Bet! With the challenge pack you will receive:

• One-year subscription to Beachbody on Demand (Club Membership)
• Here’s where the NEW challenge pack is better than any other Beachbody on Demand challenge pack that was put out in the past… The ALL-ACCESS to EVERY SINGLE Beachbody program including PREMIUM programs like 21 Day Fix, PiYo, Country Heat, Core De Force, PLUS 2017 Programs as well (over $6,000 worth of programs). You’ll get all the new programs unlocked as soon as they’re released!
• Portion-control color-coded containers and Portion Fix meal planning book, and access to FIXATE cooking show for meal planning inspiration
• A full month of Shakeology (our nutrient-dense superfood shake)
• Personalized program suggestions for you based on your goals, interests, fitness level and time constraints
• 1:1 coaching and support
• Access to the Health Bet challenge via the My Challenge Tracker App (and cash payout upon successful completion)
Customers who purchase the All-Access Challenge Pack will also have the opportunity to sign up for the Coach Membership and have their enrollment fee waived. Additional Coach Membership Benefits:
• 25% ongoing discount
• Participation in coach groups
• No coaching required — simply enjoy the discount and groups!

The All-Access Challenge Pack will be available for a limited time only, from December 27th, 2016 through February 28th 2017. Promotional price is just $199. Comment below or message me if you are interested. I will contact you when the challenge pack becomes available.

January Health Bet Launch Party

Many people put their health on hold during this time of year. I get it, I used to be one of those people. I’d make excuses for myself….”It’s just to busy right now” or “I’ll be out of town too much” or “I want to bake Christmas cookies and go to parties” and so on and so forth. Do you see the pattern here? I do. Because it wasn’t until I dropped those excuses that I found lasting health and wellness.

We all have the choice to make TODAY. Will you be making lasting changes in 2017? Do you want to break that pattern of excuses and do something TANGIBLE to increase you health and happiness? The HEALTH BET is back and can help you break the cycle of excuses forever. Last fall, it helped so many of my clients stay ACCOUNTABLE for a full 30 days and get them headed back on the right path with exercise and nutrition. Not only that, those that stuck with it for the full 30 days got a CASH payout. Beachbody recently announced they’re doing it again, this time INCREASING the cash pot. #winwin

My Health Bet Participants Get:
Fitness program + meal plan
30 servings of Shakeology
Peer support and accountability
1:1 coaching from me (I’ll check in with you if you go “missing”)
Access link to My Challenge Tracker App
Clean eating recipes

How it Works:
No money required for buy-in
Split a pot of 3M+ (to be shared by all Beachbody clients who meet the qualifications)
Log 3 workouts/5 shakes per week

That’s it!

Spaces in my Health Bet group will be limited so I can ensure I have time to give everyone 1:1 coaching. Reserve your spot today! No money is required for the buy-in. You only need ME as your coach and a challenge pack (bundled fitness program and Shakeology).
Please comment below if you are interested and I’ll help you find the right program for your needs and goals and set you up!

*Challenge Pack purchase required to reserve your spot.