Staying on Track When Life Gets Busy

We all get busy.  Work, kids, family, school….the list goes on for all the things we do and the places where we need to be.

I am super these days.  Between work, school, coaching and training for a marathon, there are many days where I feel like there will never be enough time to get everything done.  What I have found to work for me is scheduling my workouts.  I know how important they are to my health and happiness so I treat them like other important things in my life like doctor’s appointments.  I would say THE most helpful thing with this is having access to so many workouts from home with Beachbody on Demand.  If I’m following a program I check and see what workout I am supposed to do that day push play and GET IT DONE!!

I’ll be honest finding time to cook is my work in progress.  I am using the crockpot and pressure cookers a lot more.  I am also trying to meal plan for the week.  Meal planning can be tough for me since finding the time to sit down and actually get the planning done is not always easy.  I know that little steps and small progress turn into BIG changes down the road…so I’ll keep trying!!  I’ve started planning lunches for me and my husband  and a dinner or two each week.  I know that each week I schedule time to plan my meals it will get easier and easier until it is a new habit and my new norm!!!

If you get so busy that things spin out of control, DON’T GIVE UP, regroup and get back on track.  You, just like me, are a work in progress!!!

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