Hi there, I’m Jennifer!

I’m a busy working professional and RRCA certified running coach who, of course, loves to run, cook, read, travel and knit.  Sometimes work can consume my day and finding time to fit in fitness and healthy eating can be tough.

Oh…and I’m back in school to get my MBA!!

I’m here to create a community where busy people can find tips and tricks to squeeze every minute out of their day and have a fulfilling work life balance.

I’ll have recipes that are not only healthy but so quick and easy you can make them after being at work all day!  I’ll share my journey, highs, lows and my struggles, so hopefully you can learn a thing or two!! 🙂

I’m sure you’re wondering what led me to health and fitness coaching, considering everything else I have on me plate…well here is my WHY…

In 2010 my marriage was basically falling apart and I needed an escape…in walks a gym membership and hours spent at the gym to find some escape in my life.  I was pretty darn fit at this time but still eating for crap, which continued for another 6 years.  All of my exercising and running kept the weight off, but I still wasn’t happy with who I was.

Over the course of these 6 years, I got divorced and reconnected with an old friend from grad school and we fell madly in love!!  Even being madly in love, with someone I can truly call my soulmate, I still was not a “happy” person.  My career was taking off, aka I was constantly slammed at work, I was newly married, and we had to move across the country from Washington State to Maryland.  Needless to say times were tough.

In the spring of 2014 I was blessed to find an AWESOME local running group, met some wonderful people, and really got back into running and started to have fun again! I found my community!! 🙂  In the summer of 2015 I became an RRCA certified running coach and started running training programs with our local club.  I really loved seeing new runners start the program with races and goals in mind and watch them progress and blossom over the season.  It was so fulfilling helping them achieve their goals.

Later that fall, while running a half marathon, I started having chest pain at mile 6.  Stubborn person that I am, sucked it up and finished the race with no one the wiser until I found my dear friend and my husband at the finish and told them what was going on.  Needless to say they were freaked out and so was I.  I ended up in the medical tent, then the ER, then admitted for 3 days.  Come to find out I was having aortic spasms that were causing myocardial infarcts to happen, giving me my awful chest pain.  I was told I needed to de-stress and take it easy.  Anyone who knows me knows that just isn’t possible…I think I was born without the “relax” gene.

Fast forward a year later…I needed to find a way to not stress about finding time to get to the gym…hello Beachbody!!  I started using Beachbody On Demand and FEEL IN LOVE!!  No more rushing to the gym after work and getting stressed because a meeting ran late and I couldn’t make to a class.  I could work out when I got home and was never late for a class again.

The love of Beachbody’s programs got me into coaching so I could help other busy folks find a community and happiness in fitness.  Coaching has also helped me start working on eating better, I have to walk the talk.  I’d never recommend anything to anyone unless I tried it myself and new it was the best out there.  So join me on this crazy ride to health, fitness and happiness…you won’t regret it!

Want to learn more? Shoot me an email: coachjenrichards@gmail.com and let’s chat!