Make an END OF YEAR Resolution and start the new year ahead of the game!

Who wants to join a group where you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, have full support/accountability throughout the holidays – a few cheats allowed – then go on to 2017 looking and feeling BETTER THAN EVER! With the support of an encouraging group behind you, all you have to lose is the excuses!

I am choosing to start an Accountability Group with extreme focus on NUTRITION instead!

In our upcoming 30-Day Healthy Holidays Group, we’ll be focusing on healthy, affordable meals the entire family will enjoy – while navigating holiday temptations. Each day you’ll get a tip, an assignment, and the support of a group of people with the same goals. Workouts are optional, but highly encouraged (I can help you find one that is a great fit for you and your goals). We’ll cover:

–Clean eating holiday recipes
–How to avoid temptation
–Recipe swaps
–Affordable clean eating menu plans
–Recipe revamping

Message me with “Yes, ME!!”