Come on….you know you want to be a coach!!! Here is why I LOVE it!!!

Finding the coaching opportunity changed my life. I love sharing the coaching opportunity with others and see THEM reach their goals too! I wanted to share just a few of the reasons I love coaching:

1. We have an AMAZING team! I have only been a coach for a few months, but in this short time I have met some wonderful ladies who have been so supportive in my coaching journey. They are always there for encouragement and to bounce ideas off of! We have a winter retreat coming up and I am super excited to meet some other coaches in person.

2. I guess you can say I’m “new” to fitness over the last 6 or so years. I started off as a reluctant runner then fell in love with running because of all the fun people I met along the way. I recently realized I was not hitting my weight goals by just running so added in some Beachbody programs and noticed a change not only in the way my clothes fit but also in my running…I was getting faster!!!

3. The flexibility in being a coach is great. I am a working professional but Beachbody allows the flexibility for me to have my full-time job AND be a coach!! Coaching is also great for Mom’s (and Dad’s) looking for flexibility with school and kids schedules.

4. I get to run my business my way and be ME!! The sky is the limit when you work hard to build your business. You can use your own inner fire and story to help others achieve their goals. How fun is that???

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