Let me start by saying I’m not a “crafty” person.  I not the type of person who comes up with cool ideas for things, but I am good a finding something I like and following directions…must be the scientist in me!!  I’ve been looking for something fun to put on the wall in my office so I don’t continually stare at the ugly brown walls!  I’ve also wanted to start putting together a vision board so I thought I could find something that I make…low and behold I found some great easy DIY pin board ideas.

What you will need:

2 ft x 3 ft framed bulletin board; I got mine from Walmart of $9, but have know people who have been able to find them at Goodwill for a few bucks.  It don’t matter what it looks like since we will be covering with with fabric.

1 yard fabric; I found some fabric remnants at JoAnn Fabrics that cost only $4.

4-5 containers upholstery tacks; I got these from JoAnn Fabrics as well.  I have some 40% off coupons so got them really cheap, but they only run about $3 a container.

staple gun or glue gun; me and hot glue are not friends so I opted for the staple gun…which was really fun to use! 🙂

measuring tape

duck tape

hot iron

**Depending on the thickness of your bulletin board the upholstery tacks may go through the cork, so protect your surfaces or work on carpet like I did.**

STEP 1:  Iron your fabric to get rid of existing creases.  Lay out your fabric over the board and make sure the patterns are even.  Once I did this I duck taped it in place on the back side.

STEP 2:  Start putting in your upholstery tacks.  I used a metal ruler as a guide so they were evenly spaced.  How far apart you want them is up to you.


STEP 3:  Time to start stapling!!  Once you have put in all the upholstery tacks, flip the board over.  If the tacks went through the cork be careful when flipping it over so you don’t impale yourself.  Using a staple gun or hot glue gun, pull the fabric tight starting at the middle and going out. (I prefer a staple gun).  Fold corners at right angles and continue stapling until you’re finished.

Step 4:  Depending on how you plan to hang your board you may need to install D-rings.  I like to use simple picture hangers, less damage to the walls and I only have to nail in one thing…I’m not good a leveling things.  Because of this I picked up some small D-rings from Home Depot and drilled them into the backside of the frame, that strung up the whole things with picture wire.

And That’s All!!!  Now you have a cool pin board you made yourself!!

And I no longer have to stare at a blank brown wall!! 🙂