New Year NO EXCUSES!!!

I could have had a ton of reasons to not go an run this morning…
1. It was 22 degrees out with a windchill of about 14…could have stayed in my warm bed
2. My hand warmers had a hole in them so not only was I covered in a nice layer of carbon dust so was the inside of my car…could have gotten back in my, now dirty, car and went home
3. About a mile in I started having GI issues…could have turned around and went home
4. 1.5 miles in my iPOD died, I guess the cold really drains the battery FAST…could have turned around and called it quits

1. Put lots of layers on…too many, I was actually HOT!!
2. Cleaned up myself and my car the best I could and hit the road
3. Just kept running through the discomfort
4. Got to listen to the sounds of nature instead of my music

In the end I got my 7 miles done, definitley not my fastest but it’s 7 more miles than when I started!!
We all can come up with excuses to not do things that are good for us…it’s too hard, I don’t have enough time, it’s cold out. But pushing those excuses aside is what you need to do and get it DONE!!

You can do it too…New Year NO EXCUSES!!!